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I came to Nicola feeling very stressed and anxious. My husband and I have been hoping to conceive a baby for quite some time. I had begun to feel very depressed each time I realised I was not pregnant. This meant I was not in a relaxed state at all and was putting a strain on our relationship. During my sessions with Nicola we worked through all the issues contributing to my stress and anxiety. Eventually my husband came to see Nicola which really helped us look at our relationship in a more positive light. Both my husband and I found Nicola’s direct and understanding approach extremely positive and calming. We now feel more optimistic about our future. Stop press – this client is now pregnant!

J.L. Kilburn (Female client - in her thirties)

I had just come out of difficult long term relationship and never thought that within 3 months I’d be ready to meet someone new, let alone fall in love, which is what has happened. I simply wouldn’t have been able to connect with someone if I had been feeling the way I was before treatment. – This client and his partner now have a much loved son.

Male client in his thirties 10/10/2000

The first session has had an amazing effect on me. Already I feel that my relationship with my ex is in the past…and I feel ready to move on with my life. You have a truly amazing gift…and I look forward to working with you further in the near future.

Female client in her thirties - May 2007

I would have been angry all the time – it was my normal state. I would shout at the children each day. I would try to be patient and then just snap. With others I would be cold and withdrawn, even with my husband.
During a session with Nicola we spent 20 minutes on healing my feelings and I also reran the technique twice in my head at home and since then I only shout at the kids occasionally when it is justified and have a lot closer relationship with my husband. I am gradually starting to let other people in

Rosie (Female client - married)

I thought I would send you an email and tell you that after our last session, I am still feeling great.  I ended the relationship which I was in, as I just couldn’t be around someone so negative anymore.  It was a hard thing to do, as I really loved him, but discovered that I wanted to be happy and didn’t want to be around people who drag me down with their negativity.  Since then I have just been enjoying my life, I have realised how many great friends I have and I am in no rush to find another partner, as I now know that only I can make myself happy and I don’t need anyone else to do that.

Tanya (Female client - in her twenties - June 2007)

When I first phoned Nicola for an appointment I was crying and so depressed. I felt so low and everything was going wrong. After six sessions seeing Nicola I feel better, am getting on with my life and don’t feel depressed anymore.

Z. Yoruk

I started to have depression from 1994 and I went to my GP who prescribed prozac and beta blockers which then caused me to get anxiety and panic attacks. I then sought to get private counselling from two separate counsellors in conjunction with NHS treatment of cognitive therapy. But they all proved ineffective. I went to see Nicola Dexter who provided me with confidence in myself as well as techniques to help me cope with my panic attacks which have now cleared up. She has provided me with long term solutions to problems that I have mentally, socially and physically. I think her therapy should be available on the NHS and I have recommended her to my friends and associates

P. Saddler

Dear Nicola, I’d like to thank you for helping me out in gaining my confidence. I don’t know what I’d be like if it wasn’t for you. I am very grateful for all the time and support you showed me throughout our meetings

Sheena - London

Before coming to these sessions I felt not quite right in various ways. I now realise that I was haunted by past feelings and emotions from earlier times. That now seems to have been tackled and made me feel a lot better within myself.

It is because of Nicola Dexter’s kind and unbiased approach to her practice that I am able to write to you of my appreciation of her abilities and its effect on me. Thanks to her, the world has now gained a happier, healthier member.

An appreciative client - 1997

Hypnosis Explained

Hypnosis is a perfectly natural state – similar to a daydream – in which you are in total control but very relaxed in body and mind.

During hypnosis you are awake, and can be more aware of what is taking place than usual. A person in this state can converse quite easily although probably can’t be bothered to move or open their eyes.

To induce you into the state of hypnosis I use my voice along with a hypnosis wheel which you focus your eyes on. You feel mentally and physically relaxed, and your past memories are more easily accessible.

There are three basic types of hypnosis therapy:-

  1. Suggestion therapy
    • Simple suggestions are made as to how you could think, feel and behave in order to resolve a problem.
  2. Analytical therapy
    • We find out from your unconscious mind what is causing a problem.
  3. Regression therapy
    • A way of accessing past memories which are the original cause of the problems bothering you in the present.

I can also give you a personal self-hypnosis tape to clients which reinforces the work we have done during your sessions and provides a way of you being able to regularly relax. I should be able to record personalised CD’s soon as well.

My Qualifications:

  • I am a certified practitioner of hypnosis, recognised by the American Board of Hypnotherapy and the Hypnotherapy Association
  • I am a certified practitioner of Ericksonian Hypnosis as recognized by the British Society of Clinical and Medical Ericksonian Hypnosis
  • I have completed Advanced Hypnotherapy Training with the Silver Institute of Scientific & Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • I have completed Clinical Hypnotherapy Training recognised by the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association
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