Mob: 07711 462923
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Camden Road,
Camden, London.
Call : 0203 794 1508
Ransom Road,
Mapperley, Nottingham.
NG3 5HN.

The exact address will be given upon booking.


Training for therapists

Having nearly 15 years experience of working with clients specifically on past life regression, I believe that I have a lot to contribute to other therapists or would be therapists.

Past Life Regression Training – On Demand

Covering the following:-

  • Various different methods of going back and accessing past lives
  • The specific language to use to instruct the Unconscious Mind of the client
  • The confidence of the therapist to do past life regression
  • What expectations to set up in the mind of the client
  • What to do if the client becomes a little distressed
  • How to keep the energy of the room clear
  • How to invoke Angels to support you

Plus all the aspects of healing past lives as follows:-

  • Apologising for what we did
  • Forgiving others for what they did
  • Forgiving ourselves for what we did
  • Revoking any pacts, oaths or vows
  • Breaking agreements, promises, invitations or requests that are no longer valid
  • Retrieving any missing bits of our soul
  • Giving back any bits of soul that belong to others
  • Sending the souls of people that have died to the Light
  • Clearing small curses
  • Breaking little nets/spells that have been done to trap someone

One-to-one training

Although my normally hourly rate for therapy is £100 per hour I am willing to train other therapists personally for £50 per hour. I am then prepared to do a completely unique training for anybody who requests it for the number of hours they require.

Why one-to-one training

There are many therapists out there who have trained in many techniques but either don’t feel confident enough to start up a practice or once going encounter problems that had never occurred during the training course. I can demonstrate in several ways – firstly by doing some therapy on whoever wants the training, secondly by demonstrating therapy on a real live client and thirdly allowing you to do therapy on me for which I can give feedback.

Topics that can be covered in Nicola’s training:-

  • Dealing with anger successfully
  • The most effective ways of dealing with sadness/grief/tearfullness
  • Clearing fears and phobias permanently
  • Panic attacks and anxiety
  • Successful stress management
  • Clearing inappropriate negative feelings
  • Stopping nailbiting/thumbsucking etc.
  • Personalised stop smoking strategies
  • Weight loss sessions
  • Dealing with insomnia/sleeplessness
  • Keys to resolving relationship problems
  • Common solutions for sexual problems
  • Stopping addictions – alcohol, gambling and drugs
  • Being a more confident/competent/effective therapist
  • Induction styles
  • Suggestibility tests
  • Convincers for hypnotic trance
  • Parts integration
  • Most useful techniques of NLP
  • More practical way of using Time Line Therapy
  • Past life regression
  • Irresistible suggestions
  • Basics of emotional freedom therapy
  • Soul retrieval
  • Spirit releasement therapy
  • Clearing curses or other negative spiritual energy
  • Ideo motor response
  • Abundance and financial issues for yourself or clients
  • Boundary issues – yours with clients and clients with people in their lives
  • Finding your niche market
  • Which advertising works best?
  • Which clients or issues to avoid or refer?

DVD’s for training

I am currently in the process of creating DVD’s for therapists to observe how I work in order to learn from my style and experience. Please let me know if you maybe interested in purchasing these.

Training in groups

I am willing to set up training for small groups on request and will work out a cost based on how many are attending and for how long. This will obviously work out more cost effective than one to one but is just as effective for teaching purposes and confidence building

To find out if I could support you in becoming a better therapist please call me on 020 7383 0222

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