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Spiritual Techniques

Spiritual Range of Techniques Explained:-

I have been trained in Spiritual Clearing, Spirit Releasement Therapy, Soul Retrieval, Clearing Curses, Breaking Love Spells, Clearing Black Magic, Clearing Voodoo, Clearing Hexes and Clearing Jinxes as well as other spiritual techniques. These are not techniques that are used on an everyday basis, however they have sometimes been found to be the missing key in resolving a problem when everything else has been tried.

Spirit Releasement Therapy

Many people believe in life after death and that the soul lives on –  what most people may not realise is the degree to which our lives can be affected by spiritual interference. The most common problem I come across with my clients is with regards to loved ones having died and becoming trapped here on the earth plane. If, after someone has died we always cry every time we think of them and this has persisted for months or years after their death then there is a high probability that the soul involved has not yet gone to the light. This can include close relatives, friends, miscarried or aborted babies and deceased pets. It is a relatively simple technique to ensure their safe passage to the other side and the resulting relief from tears can be instantaneous. Also, many souls do haunt their former homes or place of death and can be similarly supported in going to the light. This can sometimes be the key to being able to sell a home that has been on the market for a while.

Over the centuries there has always been talk of very negative entities and of people and homes being possessed although this is not a common occurrence it does need to be dealt with by someone specially trained such as myself.

Soul Retrieval

Because as human beings we get very close to other human beings there can be times when we either give bits of our soul away or have someone take part of our soul. At a physical level this can be the cause of all kinds of physical pain, cramps and pins and needles. Wherever we have a relationship and are interconnected at a soul level there are likely to be problems of over-dependency whilst in the relationship or difficulty getting over the relationship when it has ended. There have been many reports of thinking about past partners every day for years, which immediately stops after separation at the soul level. It has even been known to make a difference with male impotency and female frigidity.

Curse Clearing

Although almost every one has probably thought of cursing someone if they have done us wrong, some people can deliberately curse others e.g. gypsies. Others simply do not realise the power of the words they are saying. A large number of people actually do know that they have more bad luck than is normal but many people are totally unaware of how their life is being subtly affected by other people’s negative energy. When curses are cleared, luck seems to change and particular areas of life which have never gone well seem to have a miraculous turnabout. I clear curses that have been sent to my clients as well as curses sent by clients to others as they affect both parties negatively. Hence the saying “What you give out you get back!”. I also help clients be more forgiving of themselves and stop them cursing themselves.

Way of Dealing With Powerful Negative Spiritual Energy

This year I have created a very powerful way of clearing people, which can be done from a distance.

Disclaimer – although I absolutely believe in the validity of these techniques, there is no scientific proof but many clients have had great results – I believe that we all have to make our own minds up

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