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Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression Explained:-

I take my clients back to past lives for two main reasons:

  1. To access a past life as it is believed that this maybe the root cause of a problem in current life.
  2. When a client asks me to take them back to past lives simply because they are curious.

Accessing a past life event or events and bringing conscious awareness or learning from what happened has resolved many problems permanently.

There are fundamentally two ways to access a past life:

  1. By re-living the events – the standard way with hypnotherapists for many years
  2. By floating above the events and observing what happened.

I mainly use the second method, as it is a lot more comfortable for you as a client as you do not have to feel the negative emotions a second time around. This means it is safe to take you back to even the most traumatic event i.e. your death in another lifetime.

Media Appearances

I was asked to run a past life regression workshop for the Jane Goldman Show on television which has been featured on both Living TV and Ftn channels.  I took a male journalist back to experiencing what it was like to be a woman and give birth which was featured in Father’s Quarterly magazine.  I took Jodie Marsh back to previous life experiences which was featured in Closer magazine.


Some of the more interesting past life events recalled by my clients are: –

  • Bulimia being caused by swallowing salt water in a previous life and having to be sick to stay alive.
  • fear of indoor heights being caused by carving the ceiling of a Church and being killed by falling to the floor.
  • An obsession with putting cigarettes out stemming from being burnt to death in a fire caused by a cigarette.
  • A persistent problem in the shoulder and the arm area having been caused by participating in a tug of war which injured the same arm.
  • fear of razors and shaving was found to have its root cause in another lifetime where the client had chopped off someones fingers with a sword and then as retribution had their whole hand cut off. Could this also be the reason they are left handed in this life?
  • Irrational jealousy of a partner stemming from the client and their partner having been together before and the partner cheating on them in the previous lifetime.
  • wife going off with her husband’s friend who was found to have been together with that friend in a former lifetime.

Obviously not every client will need past life regression, however it is a very valuable tool to be used if nothing else has cleared a problem and helps explain some seemingly irrational emotions which many of us experience from time to time.


Covering the following:-

  • Various different methods of going back and accessing past lives
  • The specific language to use to instruct the Unconscious Mind of the client
  • The confidence of the therapist to do past life regression
  • What expectations to set up in the mind of the client
  • What to do if the client becomes a little distressed
  • How to keep the energy of the room clear
  • How to invoke Angels to support you

Plus all the aspects of healing past lives as follows:

  • Apologising for what we did
  • Forgiving others for what they did
  • Forgiving ourselves for what we did
  • Revoking any pacts, oaths or vows
  • Breaking agreements, promises, invitations or requests that are no longer valid
  • Retrieving any missing bits of our soul
  • Giving back any bits of soul that belong to others
  • Sending the souls of people that have died to the Light
  • Clearing small curses
  • Breaking little nets/spells that have been done to trap someone

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Very interesting. I hadn't imagined it to be so positive. I feel differently now to when I arrived, it has encouraged me to do more work like this & hopefully now my relationship with my sister will be greatly improved.

A. Russell London W2