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Emotrance Explained:-

I am both a practitioner and trainer of EmoTrance®, created By Silvia Hartmann. EmoTrance® is one of a number of popular and effective energy therapies which allow clients to re-learn how the energy systems of the body work and many clients report that it has a profound healing effect on their lives.

Re-Establishing the Even Flow of Energy Through the Body

EmoTrance® works by re-establishing a full and functioning flow of a very wide range of energy type in, through and out of a person’s body in three ways:-

  • Firstly, by teaching and learning the basic EmoTrance® technique to find the pathways for energies that need to flow rather than be stuck, held on to or deflected out;
  • Secondly, by softening and releasing old energy blockages (which show up directly and uncontrovertibly through the medium of physiological sensations in a person’s body)
    e.g. having fear flow out from the stomach
  • Thirdly, by repairing channels, networks and areas of the energy body to enable these areas to once again allow a smooth flowing of incoming energies into, through and out of the system.

The intention of EmoTrance® was to reduce the physiological sensations related to high stress emotions, secondly to entirely release the emotional experience but side effects were found such as an increase in energy levels and an ability to accept compliments, praise etc. People experience more positive mental states, body postures and thoughts as well as opening themselves to love from others.

Common kinds of problems that can be dealt with using EmoTrance® are fears and phobias, past traumatic events and even negative beliefs but the main difference with EmoTrance® compared with other therapies is that it CAN be done without the therapist ever needing to know what the problem is.

Where I love to use EmoTrance® with clients, is to use it to take down barriers to love and to have the clients allow the love from others to flow into them – sometimes for the first time in many years.

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