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Distance Remote Therapy

Distance/Remote Therapy explained:-

Having been a therapist and healer for many years I have often been requested to do therapy/heal people who have not been my face-to-face clients. Sometimes this is because people who have needed my services have lived in other countries. Quite often very young children have needed healing and so I have worked through the parent to heal their child. And also people really love their pets and have asked me to assist in healing their dog or cat and so I have worked through the owner of the animal.


So, far the kinds of results I have achieved through distance therapy have been where the people I have worked on have become happier, healthier and easier to get on with.
I have worked with a mother to clear her baby’s fear of loud noises and another mother to stop her son wetting himself, both with great success.

With animals, I did therapy on my own dog who had consistently kept peeing on the carpet whenever I went out (even though there was a dog flap for her to use). From the day after I did the therapy on my dog Suki, she stopped peeing on the carpet.

I also worked with a lady whose dog was very ill and even though the dog died eventually, the owner knew that the dogs last few weeks were happier as the dog was able to walk more, wagged his tail more and ate more. And that therapy involved doing past life healing for the dog via his owner!
And a client who had a very terrified cat reported that after I had done distance healing on the cat, the cat let my client (his owner) pick him up for the first time ever.

And, I have also had a lot of success at clearing negative energies from peoples homes, workplaces, cars and computers from a distance.


I have come to an agreement with several of my colleagues to offer distance therapy/healing as an additional service. What I need is a photograph of who requires the therapy/healing, a brief history of their life including what has already been tried and a list of the problems to be resolved and/or the outcomes required.
I will then give an estimate of how long the therapy/healing will take and how much it will cost.
After the therapy/healing has been carried out I will send out a completion sheet outlining what has been found and resolved and what learnings there are to take forward in life.

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Testimonial by text from a young man who has been unable to eat anything other than chips, pizza, macaroni cheese and sausages since his childhood
Meal went well! Tried some chicken thing in batter - it was nice and lasagne so enjoyed them. Tried fruit tonight but took me an hour to eat an orange. I have so much to thank you for.

Mark, Edinburgh

My little boy was scared of flying and of any 'moving' toy or ride. At 2 years old it didn't seem normal or healthy especially as his twin brother was loving anything that 'moved'. Nicola worked on Matthew's issues from a distance using only a photograph and to my amazement, the results were incredible! We flew to France a few days later and after an initial nervousness Matthew was completely fine and didn't have a single panic attack. A few weeks later he was crying to stay on a ride instead of crying as he didn't want to even try going on one. This is a wonderful gift for a little boy who can now grow up more confident and able to take on the world

M. M. 2006
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