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Nicola helped me a lot with my stress and healed the collateral effects (asthma). I have always had great sessions with her, she has a great capacity for understanding and deduction to figure the problem out. She is very reliable, and a keen person who cares about others much more than expected. Highly recommendable.

JS - Spain

I saw my Dad on Tuesday after 13 years. He asked me to come to his house which feels as close as an apology as I am ever going to get. I was very moved and I went and he told me he loved me very much. Thank you so much for the work that led me here. It feels really profound and healing.

CA - London

I’m not a slave of my own past anymore and am actually starting to respect myself. My partner has, as a result started treating me with respect also and himself. I really believe we owe it all to your hard work. Thank you so much. Keep up the good work, you’re made for it

AM – London

Two years after finishing counselling sessions for 6 months, I felt something more could be done to feel at peace with myself. So I went onto checking spiritual healing.  I have never been a firm believer in those other ways to heal but I thought I should give it a go.  My path led me to Nicola Dexter and after a free 30 minute assessment, I agreed to have a few hypnotherapy sessions with her.  The results on my well being and happiness were immediate, after only 3 session of 1 hour each, I truly felt I reached a peaceful state of mind.  Issues that were hurtful and bothering my every day life, pretty much vanished.  Thanks to Nicola I am happy again 100%

SD – London

Hi Nicola, very good news today. I have finally got a job and things are also starting to turn positive. Thank you and just wanted to share the good news with you as you have helped me so much in getting here. Much appreciated

C - London

Thanks for all you’ve done – feel so much better now! I went to presentation skills training course yesterday, which I’d signed up for yonks ago and was so confident speaking in public that the trainer asked me why I’d even signed up

EA – London

I feel a lot lighter. Feel more confident. Feel easy. Glad that Nicola has shown me that I’m not crazy and that I am off the anti-psychotic drugs as I feel I don’t need them. My mind thinks more clearly. Feel a lot more rooted. Live life more slowly as opposed to being a bit manic. My whole demeanour has gone down to a calm level.

OW – London

I am still unbelievably amazed at the results. My hair has grown back really well and in March I went to the hairdresser for the first time in at least five years. I have not pulled out any hair for about 10 months and hope I never do again.

JB – London

I came to Nicola feeling very stressed and anxious. My husband and I have been hoping to conceive a baby for quite some time. I had begun to feel very depressed each time I realised I was not pregnant. This meant I was not in a relaxed state at all and was putting a strain on our relationship. During my sessions with Nicola we worked through all the issues contributing to my stress and anxiety. Eventually my husband came to see Nicola which really helped us look at our relationship in a more positive light. Both my husband and I found Nicola’s direct and understanding approach extremely positive and calming. We now feel more optimistic about our future. Stop press – this client is now pregnant!

J.L. Kilburn (Female client - in her thirties)

My little boy was scared of flying and of any ‘moving’ toy or ride. At 2 years old it didn’t seem normal or healthy especially as his twin brother was loving anything that ‘moved’. Nicola worked on Matthew’s issues from a distance using only a photograph and to my amazement, the results were incredible! We flew to France a few days later and after an initial nervousness Matthew was completely fine and didn’t have a single panic attack. A few weeks later he was crying to stay on a ride instead of crying as he didn’t want to even try going on one. This is a wonderful gift for a little boy who can now grow up more confident and able to take on the world

M. M
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