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Nicola first counselled my wife 13 years ago – and when my back started giving me problems 8 years ago, my wife strongly recommended that I seek her assistance – after it became clear that conventional medical treatments had not worked. As she worked with me, I started to understand the interlinking effects that stress and even forgotten childhood insecurities had on my health, relationships and sense of wellbeing. When I returned to the UK 2 years ago I contacted her again where she agreed to be my business coach: She has used a combination of hypnotherapy and counselling to help me balance the demands of an executive career with my health and family life. I strongly recommend her to any professional who has the ambition to reach the top – you will be amazed what she will find in your mind to help you get there.

Stephen Larkin - Chief Financial Officer - Raw Solar

I’ve been seeing Nicola Dexter for the last four months and the following things have changed:-

  • my confidence has grown
  • I am now much calmer
  • I feel much happier
  • I have been doing things for myself eg dance classes and gym            

Sheena - London

What I’ve gained from Nicola:-

  • I look at things, people, situations differently
  • My outlook towards life is more positive
  • I feel better about myself
  • I feel calm and in control

Since completing my sessions with Nicola my stress levels have greatly reduced. My feelings and actions towards people in my life have seen a positive transformation. I am more accepting of myself and others, know myself better, feel happier and my closer relationships have seen a huge improvement.  thank you so much.


I was astonished by the results after only 1 session with Nicola. I have always been very interested in hypnotherapy, but I was a bit sceptical as to what can be achieved. The results truly amazed me. I could not believe how different I felt after only 1 session. I thought I would wait a while after my session , to see how I feel in 2 weeks and the results have not changed at all. Since then, I have been in situations that would’ve before sent me into a blind rage or drove me insane. Instead, I could deal with these in a normal and calm way. To go and see Nicola was the best decision I have ever made.

TP – London

I would have been angry all the time – it was my normal state. I would shout at the children each day. I would try to be patient and then just snap. With others I would be cold and withdrawn, even with my husband. During a session with Nicola, we spent 20 minutes on healing my feelings and I also reran the technique twice in my head at home and since then I only shout at the kids occasionally when it is justified. I also have a lot closer relationship with my husband and I am gradually starting to let other people in.

RT - London

Hi Nicola, hope you remember me, I came to you last year for therapy for anger management. I just wanted to say thanks for really helping me overcome a lot of my issues not just the anger problems. I have certainly laid a lot of ghosts to rest. My friend who also came to see you afterwards has really changed things around for herself as well. I am happy to report that since visiting you I have managed to choose not to get angry in a way that is not acceptable and I can now self-calm using the ways you showed me.

V.G 2009

I was a bad-tempered angry old man, very loud and and verbally quite aggressive and occasionally physically aggressive. Now, after therapy I deal with things calmly. Even though in appropriate situations I can still get angry, I communicate what needs to be said in a controlled manner and without screaming or shouting. I am in control of other areas – such as eating and drinking, tidiness of house and taxes. Everything is sorted and I deal with everything as it happens rather than brushing it under the carpet.

AB - male client - 40's

After seeing Nicola for the last four months the following things have changed:

My confidence has grown
My relationship with my boyfriend has improved
I know how to cope with difficulties
I’m now much calmer
I’ve been doing things for myself eg dance classes and the gym
I’ve been eating proper food
I’ve stopped biting my nails
I get on with other people
I feel much happier


After four sessions with Nicola I am sleeping better, standing up for myself, I came away feeling so much better and so much freer.

MP - 65 year old client who was abused as a child 2009

Before I came to Nicola I had chronic sleeping problems, headache and dizziness from fatigue and inability to concentrate. Now I am starting to sleep regularly, am feeling better and can get on with work

CM – London
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