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I can help you stop smoking

Hypnotherapeutic techniques are now recognised as the most successful way of supporting people in permanently stopping smoking. Each technique focuses on reprogramming the mind at an unconscious level by using visual imagery and metaphorical representations.

Nicola has been featured in the book Stop-Smoking Mentalism by Fabio Tabbo’

ISBN 0973945605

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I have developed a completely unique way of helping people stop smoking by using a combination of the following:-

Seeing yourself not smoking

This is guided visual imagery which takes you through a normal day or week seeing yourself looking happy without a cigarette

Rewriting history

This involves going back to the first time you accepted a cigarette or bought a packet and seeing yourself saying no or walking past the shop etc.This can also include seeing your parents/grandparents saying no if they also smoked.

Dealing with concerns about eating more

This involves metaphorical and visual imagery to see yourself eating healthy food and just the amount that you want to eat.

Dealing with concerns about putting on weight even though not eating more

Often people put on weight after stopping smoking because smoking artificially raises the metabolic rate. This technique teaches you to have control over your own metabolic rate allowing you to make sure it stays at the same level after stopping smoking or to raise it higher.

Dealing with concerns of withdrawal symptoms

This technique allows me to support you in programming your mind to create chemicals which avoid you feeling any withdrawal symptoms. My former clients have been amazed by how successful this technique is.

Dealing with the habit cigarettes

This is a metaphorical technique which tells your unconscious mind that you no longer wish to smoke at all the times of day/circumstances that you have previously been smoking. We go through every time/circumstance relevant to you. For example – 1st cigarette of the day, cigarette with a tea/coffee, cigarette with alcohol, cigarette whilst driving, cigarette after a meal, etc.

Dealing with cigarettes smoked due to emotions

This means dealing with the cigarettes that you smoke because you are stressed, upset, angry, worried, nervous etc. The technique actually deletes these feelings from past memories so that you feel the feelings much less often. And if you feel those feelings much less often you are not going to need the cigarettes.

Dealing with disempowering beliefs

There are all kinds of beliefs which stop you giving up smoking. For example – I don’t have the willpower, I sabotage myself etc. By bringing these beliefs to your conscious awareness and using techniques to challenge them all the reasons why you have failed in the past are no longer relevant.

Setting up rewards for yourself

If you are someone who has been using a cigarette as a reward then we have to create gifts you can give yourself after you have stopped smoking. This aligns your unconscious mind in being happy about stopping smoking as it doesn’t feel like it will be losing anything.

Repairing the damage done by smoking

This is a very powerful visual imagery technique which involves you picturing scrubbing the lungs clean of all the tar and nicotine that has accumulated inside.

Setting up a negative association with smoking

If you are someone who has very positive associations with smoking it may be necessary to get you to picture smoking a cigarette with coughing and it tasting like burning rubber.

Future Orientation

This technique involves you in your mind floating forwards over time to take a look at whether you have completely stopped smoking in one weeks time, in month, in 3 months, in 6 months, in 1 year and in 3 years. Only when you can see yourself having completely stopped do we know that we have done all we need to do.

Most people are able to stop smoking in one session and I do my utmost to only take one session but occasionally it does take longer as not everybody is able to work as quickly and with some people there is obviously more to do. I have been getting very good feedback from former smokers who have been to see me and they are very happy to recommend me to their friends.

Contact Nicola to stop smoking

To book your free 30 minute initial consultation please contact me Nicola Dexter


Having smoked for almost 25 years, I felt that I had to give up now or almost certainly face health problems in latter years. Your treatment has been 100% effective and I have not had a single cigarette since. I will certainly recommend you to others who wish to do the same


Just a quick note to say THANK YOU!
Since I had one session on August 12th 2003 I have not touched a single cigarette and considering that I was smoking about 20 a day, this is a massive achievement. Thank you so much!!

JR (London)
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