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Mapperley, Nottingham.
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I can stop your panic attacks/anxiety attacks

Panic attacks and anxiety attacks are becoming more and more common.

If you experience palpitations, shortness of breath, sweaty hands and feel unable to function and there is no logical cause, this could be a panic attack.


If you have been having problems with panic attacks

And in your life, it has had a negative impact

There are techniques that make a difference positively

So that in the future, from panic you are free

Unfortunately just talking about them is not the solution

It needs Unconscious healing for a resolution

Which is why hypnotherapy is so successful

And will leave you feeling much less stressful

I have a success rate of about 90%

So money spent with me is money well spent

Between 1 and 4 sessions it is likely to take

To resolve panic and anxiety to give you a break

And the results are permanent as testimonials concur

If being free of the problem is the outcome you’d prefer

I offer a 30 minute consultation that is free

For you to meet and find out more about me.

Your therapy does seem to have made a difference but not in the way I expected.  Over the last few days I seem to have gained a window into the workings of my subconscious and this has led to a delightfully new dynamic mental image or analogy, that is so different to the ones I have always used before.  Using this image I can see how my mind has been hardcoded to divert safely and automatically from sources of threat that lead to anxiety.  Normally I wake up, and lie in bed for hours, all too aware of my inadequacies and resigned to a day with little ambition.  Today was different.  At 6am I was up, downstairs and writing. At 8am I started exercising and now I am off for a run.

Paul 2009

In September 1992 I suffered a panic attack and was really confused and frightened by it. I started to see Nicola from the beginning of Feb '93 and used to feel very relaxed after the sessions.  I listened to the tape she recorded for me and started to feel more confident. I got a car and pets and went away for a week in England and have been to friends for weekends. I took a long time for me to get 'back to normal' and I appreciate things a lot more now.

C. Hillier

I came to see Nicola after suffering panic attacks. I had previously suffered from them for a few years, they had gone away for three years and then come back again. After two sessions with Nicola I feel very different and amconfident that they will never return


Before coming to see Nicola, I felt anxious everytime I went to a restaurant, cinema, theatre, etc. Having had a few sessions with her, I now feel less anxious, more confident and I am now able to do the above feeling relaxed and happy

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