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Over the many years I have been a therapist I have dealt successfully with the majority of the following fears and phobias:-

  • Public transport – especially underground
  • Driving on motorways
  • Aeroplanes
  • Needles
  • Lifts – claustrophobia
  • Heights
  • Dentists
  • The dark
  • Swimming/the Sea
  • Technology
  • Vomiting
  • Eating in public or specific foods
  • Interviews
  • Public speaking/presentations
  • Spiders
  • Snakes
  • Lizards
  • Dogs
  • Insects – moths, wasps, bees, daddy long legs
  • Sharks and jellyfish
      I can help you with your fears/phobias

If you are suffering from irrational fear

That has maybe continued year after year

And just talking about it has made no difference

You will be happy when of it you have riddance

Whether it is a fear of the outdoors

Or of being in a lift going up floors

Or whether it is of spiders, snakes or dogs

Or of sharks, heights, water or frogs

The techniques needed heal things Unconsciously

So that you are rid of your phobia permanently

I use techniques such as hypnotherapy

And Time Line Therapy® and NLP

And along with Emotional Freedom Technique

Great results from them all, my clients do speak

I offer a 30 minute consultation that is free

For you to meet and find out more about me.  

Nicola Dexter

I wanted to let you know that I got through the flights to and from South Africa! I had a reasonably comfortable trip over but coming back the tiredness kicked in and I did have a bit of panic during some turbulence.  Our sessions did help greatly and thanks for all your assistance

Steven - March 2010

Thanks a million for the flying hypnotherapy - it worked a treat and has changed my life - literally


I just want to thank you for my treatment, after finding car journeys, tube/train & plane journeys so physically demanding and awful, I have been able to travel on all with great success, although I still get nervous before the travel once I am on the actual method of transport I am fine.  I just came back from a holiday in the South of France and was able to get the tube to Liverpool Street, get a flight to France & go on two 4 hour car journeys with no panic at all!


I couldn't drive or be on my own or be myself as a normal person. But now, after coming to my sessions I can do all of the above things and lead a normal and happy life like everyone else


I became unable to go into the underground, lifts, multi-storey car parks or any place that I couldn't see daylight or an immediate way out. After 4 hours of therapy with Nicola I feel totally rid of the fear, I have travelled on the underground and would now happily fly without any fear or apprehension beforehand