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Anger Management

I can help you manage your anger

Anger is a significant and increasing problem, particularly when combined with stress.

Consequences of anger:-

  • Strain on heart
  • Negative effect on the nervous system
  • High blood pressure
  • Premature ageing of the skin
  • Lack of respect from others
  • Damages relationships or leads to their loss

Hypnotherapeutic techniques

Here’s how I can help you resolve the problem of too much anger:-

  • Relaxation techniques reduce the intensity
  • Dealing with past issues clear inappropriate feelings of anger
  • Changing thought patterns stop anger being triggered
  • Changing behaviours reduce the likelihood of feeling angry

Want to feel less angry?

To book your free 30 minute initial consultation please contact me Nicola Dexter

I was a bad-tempered angry old man, very loud and and verbally quite aggressive and occasionally physically aggressive.  Now, after therapy I deal with things calmly.  Even though in appropriate situations I can still get angry, I communicate what needs to be said in a controlled manner and without screaming or shouting.  I am in control of other areas - such as eating and drinking, tidiness of house and taxes.  Everything is sorted and I deal with everything as it happens rather than brushing it under the carpet.

AB - male client - 40's

Hi Nicola, hope you remember me, I came to you last year for therapy for anger management.  I just wanted to say thanks for really helping me overcome a lot of my issues not just the anger problems.  I have certainly laid a lot of ghosts to rest.  My friend who also came to see you afterwards has really changed things around for herself as well.  I am happy to report that since visiting you I have managed to choose not to get angry in a way that is not acceptable and I can now self-calm using the ways you showed me.

V.G 2009

When I decided to call Nicola, I was in a panic. My life was unbearable; mood swings were exacerbating my problems and my mind was not still. What I liked about Nicola in particular was her approach to helping me. The focus was always on what I needed to learn about past events so I never need react to future events in the same way. This had immediate results. With Nicola's help I have moved on, like finally growing up, it is not necessary for me to repeat old behaviour patterns. My expectations of others are in balance, my brain feels less cluttered and now everyday problems are molehills not mountains.

F.H. London 2000
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