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Having been a therapist and healer for many years I have often worked with children ranging from 5 years old up to teenagers. I have found that children are very receptive to the kinds of techniques I use and are so quick to work with! Obviously with very young children it may be that the parent stays in the room and that is absolutely fine – the results are just as good.

I have qualified as a “certified coach in self-esteem elevation for children

The benefits are as follows:-

  • More confidence
  • Higher self esteem
  • Better performance at school
  • Improved exam results
  • Being more positive and happy
  • Having better memory/concentration
  • Increased ability to learn
  • More motivation
  • Being appropriately assertive towards bullying
  • Improved interaction with friends
  • Improved relationships with parents/siblings
  • Coping better with dysfunction in the family
  • Eating and drinking more healthily
  • Dealing with addictions older children and teenagers
  • Being free from being overemotional
  • Being free from bedwetting for younger children
  • Being able to stand up to peer pressure
  • Relief of physical problems

I helped a 6 year old stop bedwetting and his mother was so pleased and this year I have helped a 15 year old stop wetting the bed which was something she was so embarrassed about still doing at that age.

Please feel free to come along for a free consultation with your child to discuss how I could help