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Camden Road,
Camden, London.
Call : 0203 794 1508
Ransom Road,
Mapperley, Nottingham.
NG3 5HN.

The exact address will be given upon booking.

Animals / Pets

Although I have worked on animals directly my speciality is to heal animals of their mental,emotional or behavioural problems from a distance or remotely using a photograph. As any person who has owned an animal knows they have souls, they have personalities and they can also have problems!!!

Successes with dogs

Because dogs are very sensitive to energies, this can cause them to be very distressed in certain environments and bark a lot. I have been able to clear away negative energies and cause the dog to bark much less often.

I, myself owned a dog who deliberately used to wee on the carpet whenever I went out.  I used Time Line Therapy to heal her fear of abandonment and from that day on she stopped weeing on the carpet.

I had a client who had a very sick dog, whom I used both electro crystal therapy on and past life regression. Although I was called in too late to save the dog’s life, the owner was very content in the knowledge that we had made her last few weeks much better quality of life and that she had healed issues from before this lifetime and could go peacefully up to the light.

Successes with cats

I had a client who had a cat whom she had acquired from a rescue centre. Unfortunately, the cat was too scared to allow his owner to ever pick him up. Myself and the client worked together to heal the cat of his fear and the client was able to pick up the cat from that evening for the first time ever.

I had a friend who had a cat who kept peeing and pooing in the flat on a regular basis. From tuning into the cat, we were able to find out that the cat had a fear of the dark so that whenever she was left in the flat without the lights she would panic and make a mess. After realising what was causing the problem, the lights were then left on each time my friend or her partner went out and the behaviour of the cat was much better. In fact, the only times the cat made a mess after that time was when they forgot to change the cat litter!!!

Special offer

I am so confident that I can heal the problems with animals and pets that I am willing to ask for payment only when the owner has noticed the changes in their pet. Because I know that pet owners are responsible and caring individuals, I trust that they will always pay me once their pet has been healed.

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