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Professional Hypnotherapy Services from Nicola Dexter BSc(H) Hyp

“Hello and welcome to my website. I am Nicola Dexter, a qualified and experienced Stress Management Consultant and Hypnotherapist since 1992″

My mission is to express my compassion, love and sense of humour to my clients by giving the best therapy I can give, by having high integrity and living the way I recommend to my clients. My aim is to help you – my clients to see life in a more empowering and lighthearted way and for you to love your lives. I can help you resolve issues and treat problems which have been holding you back, work with you to create goals for your future and support you so you can achieve them.

How do I do this? By using classic and cutting-edge therapeutic techniques with passion, enthusiasm and confidence.

The result? Many happy clients around the world who have the lives they want and deserve.

Please take some time to look around my site and see how I can help you.

I went to see Nicola for 2 sessions of hypnotherapy right before my interview for a job I really wanted but it was a complete career change so I was more nervous than normal and I had to give a presentation which terrified me all the more. Before, I was really stiff during interviews and presentations and I found it very hard to articulate what I meant and to think on my feet. After having time-line therapy and other exercises which helped me find where these negative feelings came from I was able to heal these experiences so the past wasn't dragging me down as much. As a result, I went into my interview nervous but clear-headed and bursting with what it was I wanted to say. I was able to speak articulately and intelligently and not panic in response to the questions asked. I felt like I really got across to the interviewers what I intended to convey. AND I GOT OFFERED THE JOB ONE HOUR LATER

S-J James - London October 2009